Krush Long Life - Nothing Added But The Convenience

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Krush Long Life - Nothing Added But The Convenience. Introducing the exciting new Clover Krush Long Life Juice.

​The new Clover Krush Long Life range has the same refreshing taste and nutritional benefits of Clover Krush Fresh Fruit Juice but with the added benefit of a longer shelf life, ensuring that a “Daily Dose of Goodness” is always at hand. Available in a variety of one-of-a-kind flavours, consumers can now conveniently purchase their favourite Krush juices in bulk to store in their pantries for a longer period of time.

With five unique and exciting flavour options including Apple, Orange, Mango, 6 Fruits & Fibre and 6 Fruits & 6 Vitamins, there’s sure to be a flavour for everyone. Preservative free and bursting with real fruit cells, the Clover Krush Long Life range also has added fibre to promote good digestion, making it the perfect healthy drink for the whole family. That’s why the range is available in new convenient 200ml lunchbox packs for the kids, or 1L take-home packs to be enjoyed by the entire home.



With a loyal consumer base that has led to growth across all regions, Clover Krush currently leads the 100% Short Life Juice market with an impressive 38% market share. Clover Krush was also recently voted South Africa’s favourite fruit juice in the Sunday Times Top Brands and named an Ask Africa Icon Brand (2016/2017), which further demonstrates this incredible brand loyalty. These two awards speak volumes about the good work that the brand is doing to ensure that there is no compromise on quality or taste.

Supported by an innovative 360-degree marketing campaign, the Clover Krush Long Life launch will be communicated through TV, radio, outdoor, digital and in-store components. The original and exciting POS material is sure to catch the attention of consumers, while bringing life to supermarket isles.

The launch of the new Long Life juice will see Clover Krush propelled into a whole new market space, reaching exciting new heights while deepening its footprint within the long life fruit juice category.

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