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Since 1834, Agri-Expo has been involved in the South African Dairy Industry, and they have been promoting dairy excellence with the annual South African Dairy Championships. They have been judging dairy for almost as long as Clover has been producing it. A lot has changed in the competition over the years, there are more classes and categories, more judges and entrants, but one thing remained; Clover is still winning. In March 2017, 74 judges descended on the Grand West in Cape Town to evaluate 854 dairy products on texture, presentation, and most importantly, taste. Products are entered in 9 categories: Yogurt, Dairy Dips, Cultured Milk, Dairy Desserts, Ice Cream, Milk, Cottage Cheese, Flavoured Milk, Butter and Cheese. Participants at the Championship compete for two coveted titles, SA Championship Award and the Qualité Award which can only be awarded to manufacturers who have achieved outstanding quality and taste.

Clover walked away with first SA Championship awards in the cheese category for the following products:

image image image



That was just the cheese. Clover also placed first in three other categories:



image image




image image



Flavoured Milk




Clover also walked away with 11 other 2nd or 3rd placements.


It just goes to show that Clover really is Way Better™.

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