Frankie's Cream Soda

When soft drinks were first produced in the 1930’s the taste of Cream Soda was achieved by mixing a tablespoon of real fresh cream into a glass of lemonade. Frankie's Original Cream Soda reproduces that same Olde Fashioned clear creamy vanilla taste.

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Frankie's Cream Soda
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Carbonated water
Citric Acid (E330)
Preservative (Sodium Benzoate) (E211)
Ingredients Description
Sugar is added to sweeten the drink, enhance the flavour and contributes to overall mouthfeel.

Carbonated Water:
Carbon dioxide is pumped into the water to give the product it’s fizzy properties.

Citric acid:
Citric acid is added to lower the pH, which in turn helps to preserve the product.

Sodium Benzoate:
Is a preservative, that fulfils an antibacterial and antifungal role.

Is a preservative, which can significantly extend the shelf life of products, as it helps to preserve the product against yeasts & moulds.

Adds flavour to the product by imitating the flavour of a known foodstuff.

Are naturally derived from plants and provide the characteristic profile of the plant, be it colour, flavour or both.

Methyl Salicylate:
A specific type of artificial flavouring to create a mint-like flavour.

A herb, also known as red pepper or chilli pepper.

Helps to prevent separation and colour changes in the product.
As packed Unit Amount per 100ml Amount per 250ml
Energy kj 144 360
Protein g <0.3 <0.8
Glycaemic Carbohydrate g 8 21
of which total sugar g 8.5 21.2
Total Fat g <0.1 <0.3
of which saturated fat g <0.1 <0.3
Dietary fibre g <0.5 <1.3
Total Sodium mg <5 <13
Storage instructions
Store at ambient temperatures. Once opened, refrigerate. Best served chilled.