B-BBEE Status


Clover is fully committed to achieving B-BBEE as outlined by the Department of Trade and Industry and received a Level 6 rating in a recent external audit by Empowerlogic. The Group views B-BBEE as an opportunity to increase economic activity, creating sustainable livelihoods for as many of the country’s inhabitants as possible as well as developing a sustainable consumer market. Clover also practises preferential procurement in the supply chain and approximately 62% of the money spent by the Group in its non-milk procurement process is spent with suppliers who enjoy various levels of B-BBEE compliance status.

In the sphere of employment equity, Clover has made steady progress in increasing the number of people from designated Groups at management level and have completed detailed plans for a three-year employment equity process, which will ensure that Clover’s workplace remains free of unfair discrimination and that reasonable progress is made towards employment equity in the workplace.

A key business strategy to support Clover’s performance and growth and to position it as the industry’s employer of choice, is focused employee training and development. The Group’s training and development focuses on, firstly, building competence that will ensure effective execution of operational tasks, and, secondly, on generating capacity in human resources that will ensure sustainable performance and growth.

Clover’s Competence Development Model, designed principally to increase the competence of previously disadvantaged individuals for advancement has been in operation for some time now and is yielding encouraging results.


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