Business Overview

Our vision, mission, strategy and building blocks for the future

Way better value creation

Clover’s corporate strategy is to build onto existing competencies within the Group and to establish a culture of exceptional performance with a view to set a platform for future market expansion. Different companies within the Group have different strategies, all receiving company specific support to maximise their potential. Key to all its activities is the expansion of capacities to share in the strong growth in consumption in the segments which it dominates.

Strategic pillars

  • To simplify and reduce costs in the supply chain by changing the operational model to fit with the business model.
  • To successfully complete value-enhancing capital projects through proper planning, project management and the tracking of the business case benefit.
  • To optimise the brand portfolio.
  • To increase market share through sales and distribution by leveraging off Clover’s strong distribution capabilities (Clover’s aim is to constantly redesign service offerings to customers and principals in order to increase sales volumes and profitability of the route to market).
  • To actively support the business in the most effective and efficient manner.
  • To constantly adapt Clover’s human resources capabilities in order to fit its business model.
  • To actively seek value-enhancing corporate activity.

Competitive strengths

  • Strong and unique relationships with its milk producers and suppliers.
  • Value-enhancing optimisation and expansion projects (Project Cielo Blu).
  • The largest chilled and one of the largest ambient distribution networks in South Africa.
  • An iconic South African consumer brand with market recognition.
  • Exposure to an attractive industry with favourable fundamentals.
  • Attractive growth opportunities.
  • Dynamic management team with significant experience in the dairy and fast moving consumer goods industry.

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