Clover Mama Afrika

UKWAKHA ISIZWE – Building and nurturing our nation

Clover has never turned a blind eye to the plight of people in need, and this is why we established the Clover Mama Afrika project in 2004. The goal was to give South Africans from disadvantaged communities back their pride and livelihoods.

The concept of Clover Mama Afrika is simple: we empower community caregivers with viable skills, which they in turn pass on to others in order to become sustainable. All of this is done whilst caring for society’s most vulnerable members, like orphaned and abused children, those infected or affected by HIV/Aids and senior citizens who need a helping hand.

Clover Mama Afrikas are women who already make a difference in their communities and want to become self-sustainable. The Clover Mama Afrika project has, thus far, appointed 43 mamas countrywide. Collectively these women care for over 15 500 children and more than 2 500 elderly across South Africa.

Help us continue the good work

At Clover, we have the passion, commitment, infrastructure and proven track record to continue managing the Clover Mama Afrika initiative. It’s a stable, well-run corporate social investment project, and the finances are independently audited by Ernst & Young.

But this is not enough. The scope of the project and the challenges facing South African people are simply too big for Clover to take on alone. We ask that individuals and corporations, like you, join us on this journey of creating sustainability.

Whether you'd like to adopt a Clover Mama and her Centre, or make a contribution in any other way, giving your support to Clover Mama Afrika is a life-changing experience. We welcome individuals and corporations to join this journey of creating sustainability.


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