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The advantages of working with Clover

Milk Procurement

Clover purchases milk regionally based on volume, locality, milk composition and quality.


Producers' interests are protected by Delivery Agreements and/or Supply Contracts.


Milk is collected timeously and sampled by reliable, well-trained truck drivers. Clover has just introduced highly sophisticated equipment to its tankers and volume determination, milk sampling and milk temperature measurement will all be done electronically in the near future. This is a giant step forward and a first for South Africa. Producers are paid electronically on or before the fourth working day of every month, for milk purchased during the previous month.


Clover has a fair and transparent milk procurement system – nearly all factors affecting the price can be managed by the producer.
Milk samples are analysed by an independent, accredited laboratory.


Producers receive frequent feedback on milk volumes collected as well as the latest milk sample analysis results regarding milk composition and quality.


Clover encourages responsible growth for producers who want to grow with the company.

Producers receive advice and assistance in establishing and applying internationally recognised best practices on their farms. The following categories are important:

  • Animal health and herd management
  • Animal nutrition and water
  • Animal remedies and agricultural chemicals
  • Milk hygiene and safety
  • Environmental management
  • Staff/people


Communication structures are in place to ensure that the Clover producer's voice is heard. Producers are still represented on the Board of Clover Industries Limited (CIL) and play a major role to ensure that producers’ interests are protected at the highest level.


All complaints are addressed speedily and effectively. The focus is on professional feedback and continuous improvement.


Milk procurement offices have been established in the following towns and cities:

  • Clayville
  • Heilbron
  • Lichtenburg
  • Estcourt
  • Ixopo
  • Port Elizabeth

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