Super M Banana

Super M's Banana flavour is available in 300ml.

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Super M Banana
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Low fat milk (Cow’s milk),
Non-nutritive sweeteners (Acesulfame K (E950) and Sodium Cyclamate (E952)),
Stabiliser (E407),
Colourants (E110, E104)
Ingredients Description
Milk (Cow's milk
Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals and a good source of nutrients. Milk is standardised to a prescribed butterfat percentage by removing or adding a part of the fat.

Sugars are used to sweetened foodstuffs and add mouthfeel.

Flavouring is added to a product to imitates a flavour of a know foodstuff.

Non-nutritive sweeteners (Acesulfame K Sodium Cyclamate)
Sweeteners are used as a sugar substitute and duplicates the taste of sugar.

A stabiliser is used to keep the milk protein in suspension and add mouthfeel.

Food colouring is added to foodstuffs to enhance the appearance of the food.
As packed Unit per 100ml per serving 250ml %NRV per serving
Energy kJ 247 619
Protein g 3.2 8 14
Glycaemic Carbohydrate g 7 18
of which total sugar g 2 5
Total Fat g 2 5
of which saturated fat g 1.9 4.8
Dietary fibre g 0 0
Total Sodium mg 39 98
Calcium mg 128 320 25
NRV = Nutrient reference values for individuals 4 years and older per serving
Storage instructions
Store at room temperature. Refrigerate once opened, use within 7 days
Cow's milk
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