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Crisply roasted leg of pork with baked apples

Crisply roasted leg of pork with baked apples recipe

crisply roasted leg of pork with baked apples




Rate this recipe:
    • 2 kg leg of pork
    • 7 ml salt
    • 3 ml mustard powder
    • freshly ground black pepper to taste
    • Baked apples
    • 8 cooking apples, cored
    • 200 ml (125 g) fruit cake mix
    • 50 ml brandy
    • 50 ml melted Clover Mooi River Butter
    • To serve
    • mustard sauce

    For meat:

    Make incisions into skin of meat in 1 cm increments with a sharp knife or carpet knife.

    Mix the salt, mustard and pepper and rub into meat.

    Place meat on the rack of an oven roasting pan and roast in a preheated oven as per roasting guide.

    To produce crackling, roast at 200°C during last 30 minutes of cooking time.

    For baked apples: Make an incision around the middle of each apple and peel top half. Soak dried fruit in brandy and allow to swell out.

    Mix fruit with the melted butter and fill the apples.

    Bake apples with pork during the last 40 minutes of meat cooking time or until apples are soft.

    Serve meat warm with the apples and mustard sauce.