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We have a strong vision and robust values for the business.

Our mission

To reach the Group’s widely dispersed customers on a daily basis, and to provide trusting consumers with quality products through its extensive network underpinned by its leading dairy business.

Our vision

To be a leading branded foods and beverages group in South Africa and selected African countries, providing accessible nutrition to all consumers.

Our strategy

Clover’s corporate strategy is to build onto existing competencies within the Group and to establish a culture of exceptional performance with a view to set a platform for future market expansion.


for the year ended 30 June 2013

2013: 119,9 cents
    2012: 116,0 cents  
    2011: 113,8 cents  

Nature of this Integrated Annual Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2013

This Integrated Annual Report produced by the Clover Group, is a narrative of the Group’s operational and financial performance in relation to the prevailing business climate and environment in which it operates. In establishing the continued sustainability of the Clover Group, it narrates the extent to which it has fulfilled its strategies, how it interacts with its stakeholders, and, in particular, how it shapes corporate governance so as to ensure that the business and its staff continue to prosper and to contribute to the welfare of the broader community.

Based on the recommendations of the Audit and Risk Committee the Board has approved the Integrated Annual Report

The Board authorised the Integrated Annual Report for release.

WI Büchner

11 September 2013

JH Vorster
Chief Executive