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Clover's Export Division

The primary objective of Clover’s Export Division is to market our value-added branded consumer products to the international market. Due to Clover's geographical position, the most important markets we cater for are Africa and the nearby Indian Ocean countries. Sales to countries in the South African Customs Union (SACU)  are serviced by the local divisions of Clover and not by Clover’s Export Division.

The most important markets for the Export Division are Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia, where our long-life products, butter and flavoured milk are particularly popular. Clover's brand names are well known and trusted by consumers in these countries. Recent development in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) bodes well for our export drive into Africa.

Clover Products for the Export Market

Clover's production lines are geared to satisfy almost every need and we can, within reason, accommodate requests for special products or packaging. All enquiries are processed by trained staff and backed up by a professional sales team.

Products for the export market can be grouped together in three major categories:

UHT and fresh products

These are produced by Clover's UHT facilities at Port Elizabeth, Pinetown and Queensburgh, which form part of the Fluid Products Division. In addition to milk and milk-related products such as cream, many popular brands form part of this product offering, such as Clover and Tropika.

Condensed products

These are products with a relatively long shelf life such as butter, cheese and condensed milk. A substantial volume of these products is marketed in the retail trade under own brand names. Butter, for example, is available under the Butro (butter spread), Mooi River, Elite, Clover and Erica labels, while condensed milk is marketed under the Clover name. 

Product Specifications

Clover's product range features prominently in every facet of the dairy industry. The following tried and trusted favourite brands are available:

Clover Full cream, 2% low fat, fat free, UHT: (1litre, 500ml, 250ml)
Ultra Mel Full cream, UHT (1 litre, 500ml)
Elite Skim milk powder
Clover Full cream sweetened condensed milk in cans
Super M Low fat long life flavoured milk, 200 ml, 300 ml or 1 litre in plastic bottles
Clover Ultra pasteurised milk (shelf life 30 days)
Clover Fresh pasteurised milk (shelf life 16 days)
Clover UHT dairy cream (10 x 500 ml, 24 x 250 ml)
Clover Mini tubs salted butter, ideal for the catering & restaurant industry
Mooi River Salted butter
Springbok Unsalted butter
Tulip Salted butter
Erica Unsalted butter
Butro A blend of fresh cream & vegetable oil for spreading
Clover Life Sweetened fruit juice and nectar
Tropika Dairy fruit mix
Krush Pure fruit juice blend, no added sugar
Aquartz Natural Mineral Water: Still, Sparkling, Flavoured
Manhattan Ice Tea With Teavigo natural extract
Danao Fresh yoghurt and juice blend drink
Capri-Sun Juice concentrate drink
Cheese Natural and processed
Clover Ghee (clarified butter)


Wherever they're marketed, Clover products have increased turnover and created demand from consumers who appreciate quality, innovation and taste.

If you are interested in importing the products discussed on this website, click here.

Clover will make every effort to accommodate your needs in terms of packaging, branding and delivery. And once your customers have tasted Clover quality, we promise they'll come back for more!


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